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Extra grote kaarten

XL White blank plastic cards, size 90 x 140 x 0.76 mm. Packed per 100 pieces.
High quality blank plastic cards in the color white. The plastic cards are suitable to use for printing with our ID card printer SCC4000D.

Badge jojo met nylon koord en vinyl sluiting

SKU: W-YOY0001
Badge jojo with nylon cord and vinyl strap (100 stuks)

This handy badge jojo can be used to attach badges or keys to a piece of clothing. It can be perfectly applied in environments where identification takes place frequently, or where quick access to the badge is required. Because of the spring system, the holder can be easily extended, and automatically retracts when let go. The jojo is available in the color black, and is shipped in a package of 100 pieces.

 99,00  79,00  95,59 VAT incl.
Badgehouder met clip | Badge holder with clip


This handy badge holder with clip is suitable for attaching a badge to a piece of clothing. It is perfectly applicable in environments where frequent identification is required, or when quick access to the badge is necessary. The handy clip is very strong, and easily attaches to many items of clothing. In combination with a transparent hard plastic card holder. The card holder has a thumb hole so that the card can easily be removed from the holder. This product is particularly sturdy and can therefore be used in many different environments.

Solid transparent badge holder fore plastic badges with a fiber reinforced vinyl strap and a metal suspender clip.

Length of the clip is approximately 63 mm.
The set is delivered together, and is packed per 100 pieces.

 101,00  75,00  90,75 VAT incl.
Blanco PVC Hico Magneetstrip kaarten

Blanco PVC Hico Magneetstrip kaarten (500 stuks)
SKU: W-CRD0010

Blanco PVC Hicomagneet kaarten 4000 oersted, formaat 54 x 85,7 x 0.76 mm. Verpakt per 500 stuks

 96,00  116,16 VAT incl.
Cadeaukaart laten drukken Preprinted Gift Cards

Design: 1 layout provided
Type: Double sided Full colour offset preprinted white laminated PVC cards
Size: ISO 85.6 x 54.0 x 0.76 mm
Minimum amount: 1000 pcs

At Card Supply Nederland you can have preprinted gift cards in order to give or sell a great marketing product to your customers. A wonderful advertising product for your customer to buy and give as a gift. Design the cards entirely according to your own understanding. The cards have enough space to display the necessary information. Display a bar-code or QR-code on the card so that your customer can exchange the credit with ease.

You can have the entire card printed by Card Supply. For the best presentation of your gift cards. Ideal for online shops, clothing stores, DIY stores, game platforms or for example cinemas.

CCD 181 USB Camera

CCD 181 USB Camera


The professional CCD 181 USB Camera offers the freedom to easily capture video as well as high resolution images that are ideally suited for Photo ID Badges.

The TWAIN compatible Camera is robust, has an autofocus camera and plugs into a computer via USB without difficulty. The CCD 181 USB Camera is compatible with the ScreenCheck ID solutions.


  •  USB powered LED flash for high quality images in any environment
  •  5.0 megapixel progressive scan sensor for 2592 x 1944 pixel still image
  •  Separate formats supported for streaming video and still image capture
  •  USB 2.0 bus provides power, camera and flash control
  •  Support for dual flash operation for compliance with ISO/IEC 19794-5

 499,00  603,79 VAT incl.

Cleaning kit voor de SC4500 printer en de Polaroid P4500S, cleaning kit (10 cards/1 pen)

ECO kaart ECO card


endviCARD85 per 500 pcs

  • ECO card 85% PVC free: the card body is made from a mix of 60% chalk and 40% PE (polyethylene), and finished with a PVC overlay (laminate)
  • Chalk is a natural product, and polyethylene is a plastic that is easy to recycle (because also present in PE plastic packaging, for which recycling processes exist)
  • this card also works very well with thermal card printers for the personalization of the passes
 90,00  108,90 VAT incl.
Metalen badge jojo

SKU:W-YOY0003 ketting

Packed per 25 pieces

Color: black / chrome
Yoyo diameter: 38 mm
Chain Cord length: 457 mm
Attachment: Sturdy pants clip on the back of the metal badge yoyo ​​and has a split key ring

This metal badge yoyo ​​with a diameter of 38 mm has an extra sturdy shell, a durable chain and key ring.

 87,50  56,25  68,06 VAT incl.
Herschrijfbare PVC pasjes Rewritable pvc cards


Blank rewritable PVC cards have a shiny side for color or monochrome dye-sublimation printing and the matte side contains a thermochromic layer that is suitable for rewriting. The rewritable PVC card is available with the matt side in blue or black thermochromic material that can be printed to 500.

The material on the rewritable side of the card becomes visible when heated to 180 ° C. The same material also reacts at a lower temperature, between 110-160 ° C to be precise, by becoming invisible. The plastic card can also be erased by applying this temperature and is then ready to reuse.

 195,00  179,00  216,59 VAT incl.
ID Kaartenrek van metaal badge rack

SKU: W-BAD0009

A solid all-metal rack, perfect for employees’ clock cards or as display / storage rack for ID cards. This metal ID badge rack can hold up to 40 badges in horizontal position (landscape).

The power of metal in a compact design. This durable, all-metal badge rack is a true addition that you can count on for years to come. With easy-to-clean, rust-resistant surface and 40 horizontal slots, there is no easier way to organize your employees’ badges in a limited amount of space. With this all-metal rack you can store ID cards and badges in a horizontal position.

  • Can be mounted on the wall with screws (not included)
  • Capacity: 40 cards
  • Width of slots: 95 mm
  • Recommended card height: 54 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 815 x 115 x 20 mm
  • Material: Rust-resistant metal
 96,50  116,77 VAT incl.

Sold per 100 pieces
Small, durable, waterproof, shockproof.

The high quality keyfobs with a Mifare memory chip are designed for professional access control systems. These tags are a easy to use small size, durable and shock resistant. The key tags, that have been subject to rigorous testing, protect and simplify the access of your building.

Available with a wide range of customizable options, keyfobs are compatible with many brands of card readers.

These fobs are made of durable waterproof PVC. Despite their small size, they work the same as a traditional card. Instead of a traditional card shape, these fobs are designed as a keychain and used to store data for easy access .

Each keyfob has a unique entry number (numbers are between 0 and 65.435) and numbers cannot be repeated.

 199,00  240,79 VAT incl.