Blanco PVC Hico Magneetstrip kaarten (500 stuks)

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Blanco PVC Hico Magneetstrip kaarten

Blanco PVC Hico Magneetstrip kaarten (500 stuks)
SKU: W-CRD0010

Blanco PVC Hicomagneet kaarten 4000 oersted, formaat 54 x 85,7 x 0.76 mm. Verpakt per 500 stuks

 96,00  116,16 VAT incl.
PVC kaarten MIFARE

Blank PVC cards NXP MIFARE EV1 1K 4Byte
SKU: W-CRD0001

Format 54 x 85,7 x 0.80 mm
Packaged per 500 pieces

An important step to further protect your business or school, and is also relevant for smaller organizations is to start using a smart card. When encoding cards, instead of an standard CR-80 card, you can choose for the NXP MIFARE EV1 1K 4byte card.

By encoding your card, you can store more information about the person you are trying to identify. With an encoded card you can have access control, time registration and do payments.

 445,00  538,45 VAT incl.
SC4500 ID Kaartprinter Introductie Bundel

SC4500 Introduction Bundle


De SC4500 ID Card Printer Introduction Bundle:

  •  SC4500 Single-sided ID Card Printer
  •  BadgeMaker PLAY Software
  •  100 Blank PVC Cards
  •  Printerribbon (100 images)

 1.890,00  2.286,90 VAT incl.